What would a different everyday life look like to you?

Picnicing on the top of a mountain.

Today’s post is a little different to usual.

I don’t want to tell you my opinion. I want to hear yours.

We all have day dreams about traveling to exotic places, or buying a fancy house one day. Maybe we fantasise about what we might do when the kids move out of home, when we get that pay rise or the what our next job might be. We browse the real estate websites, the job listings and even poke our nose over the fence to see what our neighbours are up to.

While it’s lovely and inspiring to have dreams, as well as the simple luxury of daydreaming, it’s so, so important to recognise that all we have is the here and now. This day that we live over again and again, getting through, this is our life. This is it.

Dancing in the open, carefree. A perfect every day.

So other than your wild dreams to move to Alaska and sled across the plains, or snorkel the days away in Hawaii… what do you dream of?

What would make up your perfect day?

My ten-year old daughter asked me today what I think of. She’s deep like that 😉

What do I ponder? I told her I wonder about the future and what it will look like. That twenty, even thirty, years ago we thought that technology would change our loves. Sure it did. But not the way we thought. We thought all the hard work would became automated, we wouldn’t need to work nearly as much, and we’d have robots doing all the chores. Ironically, I said this to her as I sat on her bedroom floor folding her pile of clothes that *I don’t know how* gets strewn around the room every day.

I told her that my generation hadn’t grown up with technology – cell phones, ipads, etc. We perhaps didn’t know it well enough to make the best of it.

But the next generation! Boy, they know a thing or two! My daughter’s class has been setting up their own individual websites and she’s not even out of primary school yet! It’s fascinating. And inspiring. I really believe that they’ll do great things. They’ll figure out how to incorporate technology into our lives so that it supports us, rather than controlling us.

They may very well get us to a point where we don’t have to work 40 hours a week just to bring in a paycheck (although, I certainly hope I’ll get there first!).

When that day comes…

And we finally have those extra hours to just… well.. live, what will you do? What would your different everyday life look like?

  • Baking?
  • More time with friends?
  • Learn a new skill?
  • Meditate more often?

Let me know what your day would be filled with if you could just make it up right now? What would be different? What would be the same?

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