Manifesting goals

Magic is believing inspirational quote

Uplifting inspirational quotes (with free on-trend printables!)

By Francesca / August 9, 2022

READING TIME: 4 minutes Inspirational quotes are more than just self-help mumbo jumbo. They are powerful reminders of what we are capable of when we put our mind to it.

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Reaching your potential - personal development

What is personal development (and what it’s not!)

By Francesca / July 18, 2020

READING TIME: 6 minutes Sometimes we have a tendency to overcomplicate things. Personal development is simply about thriving in this life; in mind, body and spirit.

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All things Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction: the definitive guide!

By Francesca / October 11, 2019

READING TIME: 10 minutes Your ultimate guide: the Law of Attraction definition, how to use it, and techniques to fast-track your journey. Grab a coffee, and let’s deep dive into the Law of Attraction!

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Quote - Life is beautiful.

My favourite motivational quotes and how they have actually changed my life!

By Francesca / August 15, 2019

READING TIME: 4 minutes Motivational quotes are a great way to cheer us up and spur us on, not to mention they look great as wall art! But sometimes these words really hit home and do much more than provide a five-minute lift. The following quotes are burned into my brain and they surface over and over when I…

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Mug with Begin written on it.

How to use the Law of Attraction in your life – introducing the VIBES model.

By Francesca / June 1, 2019

READING TIME: 4 minutes Do you want to use the Law of Attraction to create your dream life? Learn how to use the VIBES model to manifest abundance and happiness.

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Happy moments found in every day

How to define your dream ‘everyday’ life.

By Francesca / May 27, 2019

READING TIME: 5 minutes Curating a dream life is something we can all do, but often we switch to autopilot and are so distracted by everything going on around us and to us that we barely get a chance to stop and breathe. And think. And if by chance we find time to think about our dream life, we…

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Procrastination setting in? Quotes to help you.

Procrastination setting in? These six quotes can help you get back on track (get ready, they’re powerful!).

By Francesca / April 22, 2019

READING TIME: 4 minutes Let’s jump right in! Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. Napolean Hill Yep, that’s right. Napolean knew it, Nike knew it – just do it. And you know, it’s not just about procrastination. There’s three good reasons why you should just jump in boots ‘n’ all. The first is this, a thought…

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Image of vintage typewriter focus on the shift key

Why it’s OK to become an entrepreneur at 40 (or even later!).

By Francesca / March 29, 2019

READING TIME: 4 minutes Disclaimer: I’m not yet 40, I still have a few months up my sleeve. 🙂 I know that there a lot of people out there (sister – I’m looking at you!) who think that if they haven’t started a business at 16 and become a millionaire by 20, then it’s too late to take that…

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Dipping my toes into the online world- the journey of my first online business.

By Francesca / March 29, 2019

READING TIME: 6 minutes One of the things I love to see when ready other people’s success stories, is some of their earliest milestones. Michelle from MakingSenseofCents started blogging in 2011 to share her journey to financial freedom. And she is now making ridiculous amounts blogging. But what I love is going back to her earliest monthly financial statements…

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