A different everyday life is all about taking the time to discover what your best life looks like. Not your best friend's, not your family's and certainly not the stock standard 9 to 5, 40-hour work week that leaves you no time to embrace the absolute joy and happiness we were born to enjoy!

So dive right in, or check out the three steps below to find your extraordinary.   

How I’m chasing my dreams with consistency and focus.

By Francesca | July 8, 2019 |
Chasing dreams

READING TIME: 6 minutes Chasing dreams, smashing goals, living your best life… what does all this even mean? Well, it’s about figuring out what would actually make you feel happy and then getting there. In this post I want to share with you the dreams I’m chasing at the moment. Maybe they are the same for you, maybe similar-ish…


A beginner’s guide to a Pinterest strategy – in 5 easy steps.

By Francesca | June 27, 2019 |
Women planning business together

READING TIME: 5 minutes Learn the basics – plus follow the quick 5-step plan to sort your Pinterest Strategy! New blogger, are you feeling overwhelmed? You might have heard that Pinterest is great for short-term traffic and SEO is better for long term traffic? Well, let me take the scary out of strategy with this beginner’s guide to a…


Engage all five senses to improve your everyday life!

By Francesca | June 25, 2019 |
Engaging the senses helps to create a positive mindset

READING TIME: 5 minutes Engaging ALL five of our senses. Studies show that when we engage all five of our senses, or even just most of them, we are more likely to get enjoyment out of something, than when only one or two of our senses are engaged. And we tend to rely heavily on our vision, when our…


How to increase your positive thinking with five easy and effective habits.

By Francesca | June 20, 2019 |
A good book and a steaming mug of coffee!

READING TIME: 4 minutes Positive thinking sounds so easy right? But sometimes the gap between knowing it’s a good thing and actually doing it but can be further than we think. Positive thinking has a cumulative effect on our thoughts, action and our overall daily lives so it’s totally worth the effort. But the proof is in the pudding,…


What would a different everyday life look like to you?

By Francesca | June 14, 2019 |
Picnicing on the top of a mountain.

READING TIME: 2 minutes Today’s post is a little different to usual. I don’t want to tell you my opinion. I want to hear yours. We all have day dreams about traveling to exotic places, or buying a fancy house one day. Maybe we fantasise about what we might do when the kids move out of home, when we…


How to use the Law of Attraction in your life – introducing the VIBES model.

By Francesca | June 1, 2019 |
Mug with Begin written on it.

READING TIME: 4 minutes How do you actually use the Law of Attraction? Like, actually use it? If you are completely new to the Law of Attraction, head over to my post on What is the Law of Attraction? Go on, I’ll wait for you here 👌 In short, the Law of Attraction teaches that we attract into our…


Finding your happiness.

By Francesca | June 1, 2019 |
Girl sitting in quiet contemplation

READING TIME: 3 minutes Ah happiness! So good when you have it, so elusive when everyone else has it! Yet different for us all. But what is happiness? Happiness can come from a number of places, but we can break it down into small things, medium things and big things. Just to make it nice and easy 🙂 The…


How to define your dream ‘everyday’ life.

By Francesca | May 27, 2019 |
Happy moments found in every day

READING TIME: 5 minutes Curating a dream life is something we can all do, but often we switch to autopilot and are so distracted by everything going on around us and to us that we barely get a chance to stop and breathe. And think. And if by chance we find time to think about our dream life, we…


Lost your mojo? Looking for a bit more meaning in life? Here are three easy ways to find your spark again.

By Francesca | May 10, 2019 |
Woman searching

READING TIME: 4 minutes What is the meaning of life? It’s the million dollar question right? Well stop holding your breath – I don’t have the answer! But I do know some quick and easy ways for you to get on the right path to finding it. The million dollar question. The great philosophers of the world have struggled…


Becoming an entrepreneur and the three surprising things I wasn’t expecting.

By Francesca | April 30, 2019 |
Becoming an entreprenuer - three unexpected things

READING TIME: 4 minutes Becoming an entrepreneur was one of the biggest changes I made in my life. There’s a lot of information out there for anyone looking to start an online business, whether it’s a blog or an online website. Some of it’s useful, a lot of it’s not. But you can’t always read between the lines when…