How affirmations can change your life! (+ 15 bonus powerful affirmations)

Positive mind - positive life

What are these life-changing affirmations all about?

Today I want to share with you how affirmations can change your life. They certainly have changed mine! Let’s start at the beginning…

What is a positive affirmation?

How affirmations can change your life - "Think Positive"

The definition of “affirmation” is a statement or sign that something is true.

Positive affirmations are statements or phrases that we say to ourselves, either aloud or in our heads. They are so powerful because our conscious mind chooses them and affirms them, but our subconscious mind hears them, and believes them. 

And by saying these affirmations daily, we build the strength of this belief until it becomes a natural part of who we are.

The difference between positive and negative thinking.

The good news is that we always have a dialogue going on inside of our head, so it’s easy to tap into. The bad news, is that most of the time it’s negative talk. In fact, the folks at GoodTherapy say that research shows that nearly 80% of our self-talk can be negative. That’s a lot!

And this negative talk, like “I can’t do this” or “people don’t like me”, tears down our self-esteem. It creates doubt and fear. So you can imagine how beneficial it is to stop these negative thoughts in their tracks, and replace them with positive thoughts that, overtime, become a natural habit!

Do affirmations really work?

But can affirmations really change your life? Imagine for a moment if that we turn that 80% of negative talk on it’s head, and 80% of your self-talk was positive. Can you imagine how dramatically that might change your outlook on life? On yourself?

Plus studies also show that positive thinking increases our productivity and creativity. So not only does it change the may we perceive our environment, but it actually changes the way we interact with it. It changes our behaviour!

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Why are affirmations so powerful?

So if we are trying to turn our negative thinking into positive thinking, how exactly do we do that?

Positive affirmations can be used to override negative self-talk, or bolster our courage when we face new or challenging situations. For example, you might not even notice yourself saying “I can’t do this” over and over again. A positive affirmation can help you to break that cycle and tell yourself “I might be scared but I can do this”.

When I first started using positive affirmations on a daily basis, this was one of the surprising things I discovered almost immediately. You see, I had been aware of affirmations for years before I started using them daily. And I knew they were ‘powerful’ – but hadn’t quite experienced just how powerful and life-changing they could be. I used them occasionally to re-focus myself, or to practice gratitude.

But when I started using them daily, I was blown-away to discover both how much negative talk was going on in there, and how easy it was to break the cycle. It wasn’t necessarily about myself, but how I was perceiving things around me. There was a lot of “argh, I hate this”, “if I only I could be somewhere else”, and “I’m sooo bored”. Ha ha. That stings a bit to write 🙂 . I’m always telling my kids “only boring people get bored“.

But it’s the truth.

Easy ways to use positive affirmations to improve your life.

So I started a daily practice of using positive affirmations. I chose affirmations that I could use on a regular basis, like in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. And remember easily.

But I also had an app on my phone with a bunch of affirmations, sorted into categories. And if I started to hear negative self-talk, I would grab my phone and find a quiet spot and just find an affirmation that spoke to me in that moment. I would say it to myself, a few times over and just take a moment to feel it.

How many times and how often do you have to use affirmations?

When we take into account that up to 80% of our inner dialogue can be negative, it’s easy to see that it’ll take some time and effort to turn this around and create a positive mindset. But it is so worth it. It’s an investment in time and effort that you’ll never regret!

Examples of powerful affirmations

You can use these powerful affirmations to focus on any aspect of your life. Work, health, relationships, money… anything your heart desires!

I am affirmations.

“I am” affirmations are truly some of the most powerful. They are personal, and they can be uncomfortable if you are not used to positive self-talk. But they will ultimately build your self-esteem, confidence and faith in yourself when you hear your own voice say these things over and over.

Because you are all these things. ♥

I am worthy.

I am enough.

I am talented.

I am creative.

I am trustworthy.

Short affirmations.

Positive affirmation - "believe in yourself"

Affirmations don’t need to be long and detailed. The shorter, the more likely you are to remember them. The shorter, the easier it is to slow down and listen to each word. To dwell in the truth of your affirmation.

I can do this.

I am grateful for this day.

I am loved and supported.

I matter.

I have purpose.

Powerful affirmations.

And when you have time for a few moments of quiet to focus on yourself, go deeper and set intentions that will build gratitude and abundance into your life.

I choose how I respond to my environment and I do so with respect and compassion for myself and others.

I am grateful for all that crosses my path – the challenges, the blessings and everything in between. They have helped me become the beautiful person that I am.

I am constantly attracting good things into my life, I am a magnet for awesome people!

Around every corner is a new opportunity and I can’t wait to find it. I embrace change.

My energy is positive, creative and free-flowing. I feel connected to the universe and at one with all living things.

You can read more powerful positive affirmations that change your life here, and of course, make your own up!

Can you see how affirmations can change your life? Try them today and see how easy it is to break those negative thought patterns and plant some new seeds of positivity and gratitude!

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